14" Round Masonite 6mm Board - White Gloss

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Vanilla Valley

£2.95 - £33.50
  • - White masonite cake board with a smooth untextured finish
  • - For cakes worthy of more than just the classic silver cake board
  • - 6mm thick making them strong
  • - Can be wiped clean for re-use
  • - Available in other sizes

The glossy white masonite cake boards have a satin finish for an elegant touch. These boards have a strong hardboard inner giving them a strength which is suitable for supporting heavy and tiered cakes.

White is a fantastic colour for all kinds of cake design, including contrast to bright colours or a neutral base, so these boards are a fantastic alternative to traditional silver cake drums for cakes of any style for any occasion.

These are durable so they can be used more than once, simply wipe clean to use again.