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ChocoPatiss Plastic Mould - Geo Tablet


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  • Geo Tablet Mould
  • Size: Approximately 14cm x 7cm x 2.2cm
  • Use with Candy Buttons or tempered chocolate
  • Reusable
  • Handwash only

This on trend Geometric tablet mould allows you to create your own chocolate bar or treats. Simply melt your candy melts or chocolate in a piping bag and pipe into the mould. Leave to set and then pop out. Decorate with a drizzle of chocolate and sprinkles.

Great for treat boxes, hampers and grazing boards.

Before filling the mould, take care that:

- the mould is completely dry (chocolate hates water!).

- the mould is totally clean: free from dust, ‘greasy fingers’ or other marks.

  (Everything that is in the mould, will be copied on the object that you make with the mould)  

Handwash only - Not Dishwasher Safe. Do not use for hard candy or hot sugar. Before first use, clean the mould with lukewarm water, then allow to dry.

SKU: CP-CM-2100132