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Fairies & Toadstools


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  • Superbly detailed plastic cutters
  • Fairy Size: 8cm approx
  • Toadstool House Size: 10cm
  • Use with mexican modelling paste

Create a magical cake full of fairies and toadstools with this fabulous set of cutters. Perfect for a little one who still believes! Add dustings of shimmer and sprinkles of glitter to bring those glistening little fairies to life.

How to use -

-Roll out moldeing paste very thinly onto a lightly greased non-stick surface. Do not lift the paste.

-Lightly grease the cutter and push firmly into the paste

-Remove the cutter and use a sharp tool or pin to remove the excess paste

-Allow to firm slightly before slightly before adding to your cakes

-Layer coloured paste to add more depth and detail to your decorations



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