Pale Pink Sparkle Florist Tape

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  • - PME Pale Pink with Silver Sparkle Florist Tape
  • - Paper florist tape with added glitter
  • - Ideal for sugarcrafts, floristry and other crafts
  • - 13mm (0.5") x 27.4m (30 yards)
  • - Can be used with tape cutters and shredders
  • - Available in 6 different colours

Florist tape is a staple item for many crafts. These Sparkle Tapes are ideal for adding a little extra drama and creativity to your projects.

How to use: The tape isn't sticky to the touch. Instead, you must pull the tape taut to stretch the waxy adhesive coating and make the tape stick to itself -- it won't usually stick to other surfaces. It's mainly used for wrapping stems and decorative items to hold them together.