PME Ball Cake Pan - SMALL (4" x 2")

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  • - From PME's Professional Bakeware range
  • - Small size - Approx 4" x 2"
  • - Seamless anodised aluminium cake tin
  • - Half sphere shape perfect for making ball cakes
  • - Handwash only

Made to the quality you expect from PME, the Ball Pan is ideal for making all kinds of sports ball cakes, simply decorate your baked cake as you please. Make half ball cakes or full spheres by joining two baked cakes together.

This small size is ideal for adding extra details to novelty cakes too. Need to add a hill to an outdoor scene and don't want to carve it from a larger cake? This is a great way to achieve these extra details without wastage.

Top Tip: Make a ring from foil to balance your tin on you baking sheet and stop it from rocking.