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Wafer Paper 2D Christmas Snowflakes

Crystal Candy

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  • Wafer Glitter Snowflake Cake Toppers
  • Made from wafer paper
  • Includes 9 assorted snowflakes in 3 sizes
  • Colour: Ivory/Cream with Glitter
  • Apply with edible glue

These wafer paper Snowflakes are such a simple and effective to decorate your festive cakes. Use individually or layer up to build a 2d snowflake. 


Made from 100% edible wafer paper. There are 9 Snowflakes in a bag. 3 assorted snowflakes and 3 assorted sizes.


Apply with edible glue or CMC plus water to buttercream, fondant, ganache for stunning results. 


Ingredients: Potato Starch 92%, Water 7%, Palm Oil 1%. E150, E466, E555, E904