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Adamapple Green and Gold Palm Spear


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  • Gorgeous Green and Gold Palm Spear dried flower
  • Approx. 4" diameter
  • Create a stunning boho look to your bakes
  • This is for decoration purposes only and is non-edible
  • Product should be inserted into a posy pic and removed from the cake prior to serving

Beautiful green and gold palm spear, perfect for creating a boho floral design. Ideal for all occasion cakes.

Pair with other dried flowers or pearl sprinkles for a gorgeous spray.

Measures approximatley 4" in diameter.

These dried flowers are unique and so shape and size can differ due to this.

Sprayed with a non-toxic spray however we do still reccomend using a posy pic if you are adding these to a cake.


SKU: CCG-AD-206739