Edible Dust & Powder Colours

Dust and powder colours are a great way to add a splash of colour to your creations. We have a rainbow of colours to choose from, from leading brands such as Colour Splash, Fractal Colours, Rainbow Dust, Roxy & Rich, Sugarflair and more! There are many different types of dusts and powders to choose from, and you can achieve a countless number of finishes with them.

Lustre Dust comes in many different colours and adds sparkle, shine and a fair amount of colour. It can be dusted, painted or sprayed onto your decorations. Edible Dust comes in many different finishes such as matt, pearl and silk. They are perfect for dusting your cake decorations or sprinkling directly on to your celebration cakes, cupcakes & treats using confectioner’s glaze or edible glue.

Glitter Powder Spray allows you to quickly and easily cover your area with lustre. It is suitable for icing; modelling paste and marzipan. To achieve a concentrated coverage, hold the dispenser close to the surface or hold it further away for a subtle dust.

Add a drop of colour to your bakes with our Water-Soluble Colours from The Fondust range from Roxy & Rich. They are the only water-soluble dusts that can be used directly in food.

Cocoa Diamond Dust is cocoa powder with lustre particles. Add instant glitz and glamour to cookies, pastries, and even drinks like hot chocolates and cappuccinos, as it will not dissolve.

Dusts and powders are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. We recommend adding small amounts of colour at a time and building the colour up to what you desire. Whatever the finish you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered!

Edible Dust & Powder Colours