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Patchwork Cutters Polystyrene Flower Buds - 30mm


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  • Pack of 15 Polystyrene buds by Patchwork Cutters
  • Each bud is 30mm
  • Can be attached to wires
  • Add petals onto the bud using edible glue
  • Use of in-edible part will render the decoration non-edible

The polystyrene bud can be used for the centre of a modelled flower in place of a cone of modelling paste, this has the advantage of making the final design much lighter on top of your cake or as part of a larger floral design.

These polystyrene cones are non-edible and it is recommended that decorations made using these are deemed as non-edible even if the medium used for the design is an edible modelling paste.

These versatile and imaginative plastic cutters are created and designed by Marion Frost of Patchwork Cutters. A must have for any cake maker, these cutters bring a whole new dimension to sugarcraft and cake decorating with fantastic designs to fit all occasions.

For best results the Patchwork cutters should be used with Mexican modelling paste which is ultra fine and less stretchy than traditional flower pastes. Mexican paste can be coloured prior to use and you can enhance your designs further by dusting them with blossom tints and lustre dusts.

SKU: PW-212