Rainbow Dust Gum Tragacanth 25g

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Rainbow Dust

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  • - 25g pot of Gum Tragacanth
  • - For use in cake decoration to harden sugarpaste
  • - Made from Natural Gum
  • - Also available in 50g pot [/edible-essentials/gum-tragacanth-50g.html]
  • - Discover the full range of Rainbow Dust Essentials here [/essentials.html]

Gum Tragacanth acts as a hardener when kneaded into sugarpaste allowing cake decorators to create figures and models easily. As the sugarpaste dries it becomes hard and sets into position. Flowerpaste Gum Tragacanth is an essential ingredient in the making of Flowerpaste Modelling Paste

Recipe: Add 1 teaspoon gum tragacanth to 250g of sugarpaste. Knead well and wrap up in cling film. Leave overnight in an airtight container. Supplied in a glossy labelled, tamper evident container, complete with barcode.

Ingredients: E413 Label Claims: Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans, Kosher, Halal

This works great with sugarpaste for using in moulds.  We have a wide choice of Silicone Moulds as we stock Alphabet Moulds, FPC Sugarcraft Moulds and Karen Davies Moulds for creating edible cupcake and cake decorations!

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    Great for adding to your fondant.

    This is ideal for adding to your fondant to make it harden once you have molded it. Easy to use, great price, well paclaged.

    19th Mar 2021
    Gilly Sprott

  • 4

    I added a bit to my renshaw covering icing so it hardens quicker. No instruction on the box.

    28th May 2018
    Kamila Rind

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    gum tragacnth

    Found the fondant didn't go as hard as I thought as I was making fairy wings

    8th Oct 2014
    Christine Locke