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Sweet Stamp - Popsicle Sticks 8 Pack - Mystic Mermaids

Sweet Stamp

RRP £4.82
Now £4.46
  • - Mystic Mermaid acrylic popsicle sticks
  • - Great for icecream, lollipops, cakesicles and more!
  • - Contains 8 pieces
  • - Perfect for using with the Sweet Stamp Popsicle Moulds

A pack of 8 quality Mystic Mermaid popsicle sticks, perfectly sized for your regular popsicle creations.  Peel the protective layer before use and wash in warm water.  What's more is that these are reusable.

Care Instructions: Gently wash with warm water before use. Do not submerge into water or put in the dishwasher.

* Mirror sticks have a grey backing