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Wilton Versa-Tools - Spread & Scoop Spoonula


RRP £10.72
Now £9.92
  • - Silicone spatula spoon for spreading, scooping and mixing
  • - Dual-ended with two different sized spoon shapes
  • - Flat, wide end ideal for spreading
  • - Thin end for scraping batter and dough

Part of the Wilton Versa-Tools range, the Spread and Scoop Spoonula is a great multi-use tool for spreading, mixing and scooping. The flatter underside is ideal for spreading fillings and buttercream, whilst the spooned side is great for mixing and scooping ingredients. The silicone material makes it ideal for scraping clean the sides of mixing bowls.

SKU: WIL-02-0-0002