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10" Round Masonite Board 4mm - Gloss White

Vanilla Valley

RRP £2.64
Now £2.14
  • White masonite cake board with stunning gloss finish
  • Add a touch of elegance beyond the classic silver board
  • 4mm – sturdy and strong
  • These boards can be reused if wiped after use.
  • Plain surface, the perfect canvas for any cake

10" Round Masonite Board in a Gloss White finish – a pristine stage for your culinary marvels. This sturdy 4mm Masonite guarantees unwavering support for cakes of diverse sizes. The pure white brilliance enhances the allure, allowing your creations to bask in the limelight. The impeccable texture ensures flawless icing application, this board seamlessly blends practicality and refinement. Elevate your cake presentations with a hint of sophistication, meticulously tailored for adept bakers and home-based enthusiasts seeking the ultimate backdrop for their cakes.