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180 Pink Cupcake Muffin Cases

The Vanilla Valley

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  • 180 standard size cupcake cases
  • Case sizes have approximately 50mm Base, and are 38mm high
  • Perfect for Weddings, parties and other celebrations
  • Other colours available
  • Product colour may vary from the images shown

Elevate your baking endeavors with our 180 Pink Cupcake Muffin Cases, a testament to professional quality.


Meticulously crafted with a thicker and stronger design, these cases ensure consistently perfect cupcakes.


The charming pink hue adds a delightful touch of elegance, with colours retaining their vibrancy even after the heat of the oven.


Embrace confidence in your baking, as each case provides a reliable and sturdy foundation for your culinary creations.


With 180 premium cases in every pack, we promises an ample supply for your creative ventures.


Choose us for the perfect fusion of durability and sophistication, transforming your cupcakes into delectable masterpieces that not only taste exquisite but also visually captivate.


Unleash your creativity and make a statement with our180 Pink Cupcake Muffin Cases, where quality meets aesthetic perfection in every delightful bite.


Please note: Actual product colour may vary from the images shown.