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Agbay 12" Junior Single Blade Cake Leveller


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  • 12" freestanding cake leveller
  • Perfect for splitting your cake and levelling the top
  • By Agbay - produced in the US
  • Height adjustments between 0.25" and 4.5"
  • Includes blade guard and cleaning tool

The Agbay cake levellers are a free standing tool giving you precise and level cuts in your cake. This premium tool gives a much better result than handheld cake levellers. This 12" cake leveller will suit cakes up to a width of 12". 

To use, simply set your blade to the level you require and, placing the feet on a level surface, hold the cake steady then, holding the top handle pull the blade through the cake. Watch the video below to see how the tool is set up and how to use.