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Baby Dragon Silicone Mould

FPC Sugarcraft

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  • Really great mould to make your cupcake toppers with!
  • Approx size; 63x44mm. Measurements are from longest and widest details of the formed mould.
  • Massive range of FPC moulds available.

This baby Dragon silicone mould is super cute and extremely popular (and it is easy to see why)!

You can use this mould with  modelling paste, ready to roll icing (with a bit of gum trag to help things along) or chocolate.

Top it off by using edible dusts or paint and you have a show-stopper toppe! Perfect for birthday cakes for all ages.

FPC offer a range of moulds for every occasion.

These moulds can be re-used and washed with washing up liquid. We do recommend cleaning the mould before using.

The material used for this mould can withstand relatively high temperatures for short periods (up to 250C)!