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Beau Cream Soda Concentrated Flavouring 40ml

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  • 40ml Concentrated Flavouring
  • Ideal for: Cakes, Creams, Fondants, Icing, Chocolate & Custard
  • Lots of great and unusual flavours to try
  • Made in the UK
  • E171 Free
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Beau Cream Soda Concentrated Flavouring, thoughtfully packaged in a 40ml bottle, is a uniquely crafted and highly specialized addition to enhance your culinary creations.


Created by Beau Flavours, these concentrated flavourings are meticulously designed to infuse the nostalgic and authentic taste of cream soda into a variety of cakes and desserts.


Each 40ml bottle is carefully formulated with natural flavourings, ensuring an authentic and delightful taste experience.


Beau Flavours addresses common challenges in flavour creation, particularly focusing on heat stability, crucial for maintaining consistency, especially in citrus-based varieties. The result is a bake-safe and consistently flavourful outcome that elevates the overall quality of your sweet treats.


Due to their concentrated nature, it is recommended to use Beau Cream Soda sparingly. Begin with just 1/4 teaspoon in your recipes, gradually adjusting to achieve the desired taste.


Whether incorporated into cakes, creams, fondants, icing, chocolate, or custard, Beau Cream Soda Concentrated Flavouring adds a nostalgic and full-bodied cream soda essence, enhancing the flavour profile of your desserts.


Elevate your baking experience with Beau and savor the memorable and delightful taste of cream soda in your sweet creations.


Ingredients: Flavouring Preparations, Propylene Glycol.

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and kosher.