BWB - Tube Tablet 3-Part Chocolate Mould - 2 Cavity

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BWB Moulds

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  • - PET tube tablet bar chocolate mould
  • - Easily make moulded chocolate or candies
  • - Contains 2 cavities
  • - Use with Candy Buttons or modelling chocolates
  • - Reusable
  • - Handwash only
  • - Dimensions L 140mm x W 70mm x H 16mm

Create unique tube tablet chocolate bars with this 3 part chocolate mould.


  1. Separate the mould and remove the silicone inserts.

  2. Pour/pipe your melted chocolate/candy melts into each cavity, not exceeding the fill line. Gently tap the mould to level out the chocolate.

  3. Using the silicone inserts, gently press into the cavity. Take the top piece of the mould and slot into place, piecing the mould back together.

  4. Press the top piece down until the chocolate rises to the top.

  5. Place in the fridge/freezer and leave to set for as long as your recipe states.

  6. Once set, carefully open up the mould and peel back the silicone insert.

Made with PET plastic - meaning the mould lets your chocolate masterpiece pop out and leaves it iwth a shiny surface.

Once your chocolate shell has set, pour in your chosen filling (caramel, jams, ganache etc) and then seal with a layer of chocolate and leave again to set. 

To clean and reuse the mould use a damp cloth in warm water. We don't recommend using brushes or or sponges, and it's not dishwasher safe.

Expose to extreme temperatures (hot or cold) may cause the mould to warp or crack.