Bake like a professional

Bake like a professional

15th Jun 2022

How to bake like a professional!

Beginner to the baking world? Or just looking to make your make that little bit more special? We've got you covered! Here we have 15 tips and tricks to bake like a professional!

Use cake release spray

Coat your pans with cake release spray so your cakes don’t crack or stick to the pan. Guaranteed release every time, giving you the ideal surface for decorating. We stock a range of cake release sprays from PME and Cake Star.

Bake even layers

When splitting the mix into your tins, always make sure they are weighed out and are equal. This ensures your cake is consistent, and also prevents under/overcooked layers.

Use bake-even strips or baking belts

Bake even strips keep the sides of the cake tin cool, preventing the cake from rising in the centre, and eliminating cracked tops and burnt over-cooked edges. Shop our Wilton Bake Even Strips below! If you choose not to use baking strips, trim the top of your cake, and keep the leftovers for cake pops!

Use a thermometer

Though you may think you’ve set your oven to the correct temperature; oven temperatures may differ slightly. Using a thermometer will help you keep your oven at the recipes required temp. Did you know the ovens on GBBO are tested everyday by baking a Victoria sponge?

Have patience

Let your cake cool on a wire rack for at least 10 minutes before adding any decorations. Do the washing up, prep your decorations, sit and have a cuppa, anything to resist the temptation of decorating (or eating) a warm cake!

Use a cake lifter

Keep your masterpiece in good shape, all the way to the table. No more hoping for the best! Shop our cake lifters from Sweetly Does It and PME.

Cut evenly with a cake leveller

Less mess, less stress, a quick and easy way to cut domes off or halve a cake for filling with an even cut.

Make decorating easier for yourself with a turntable

Smooth even finishes are close to impossible if you have to keep stopping and adjusting your cake slightly. Turntables make the job faster and gives you more consistent results.

Use parchment paper if decorating on a plate

If you are decorating on the plate you wish to serve the cake on, place strips of parchment paper around the cake to catch any unwanted buttercream and prevent any mucky swipes on the plate.

Flip your top layer over

Flip your top layer of your cake upside down to ensure a sharp square edge ready for decorating.

Allow your crumb coat to set

Whether your adding fondant icing, buttercream or ganaching your cake, you don’t want to skip adding a crumb coat. The crumb coat seals the layers and traps the wannabe escapee crumbs. Pop this in the fridge of freezer and allow it to fully set before adding any more layers.

Use ganaching plates

They may seem a little daunting for a first timer but they’re super easy to use and they ensure a sleek, smooth finish every time. Check out our ganaching page for more tips and tricks.

Treat yourself to an offset spatula

An offset spatula great for controlling your buttercream whether it’s your crumb coat or final frosting. Tip: Pop it in warm water, dry it off and use warm to get a smooth ganache finish.

Use vegetable shortening to ensure smooth cuts

If your applying fondant icing and are cutting away the excess, add a little vegetable shortening to your knife to ensure it doesn’t get stuck while you cut.

Use cake boards

They’re cheap and simple but add professionalism compared to a standard plate. Check out our range of cake boards.

Take these little tips and tricks away to the kitchen with you and you'll be a pro in no time! 

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