Baking inspired by Taylor Swift

Baking inspired by Taylor Swift

18th Apr 2024

A Journey Through the Eras

Heyyy, swifties and baking besties! Get ready to embark on a sweet journey through the delectable world of Taylor Swift's discography, one bake at a time. As we dive into each of her iconic album eras, we'll whip up delightful treats inspired by the themes, vibes, and flavours of her music. Don’t forget we have a whole section dedicated to products inspired by Taylor to help with these projects. So, put on your apron, turn up the tunes, and let's lay the table full of Taylor inspired bakes together!


Vanilla Dream Cake

Kicking off our baking adventure is Taylor's debut album. With its innocence, youthfulness, and catchy melodies, this era calls for a classic Vanilla Dream Cake. Just like Taylor's early days in the music industry, this cake is simple yet irresistibly charming. Layers of moist vanilla sponge, paired with creamy vanilla frosting, evoke the pure essence of Taylor's beginnings.


Love Story Cupcakes

Next up, we're diving into Fearless, where Taylor's storytelling prowess truly began to shine. Inspired by her timeless hit "Love Story," whip up some Love Story Cupcakes. These cupcakes, adorned with fondant roses and a hint of romantic flair, capture the essence of young love and fairy tale endings.

Speak Now

Enchanted Red Velvet Cake

Let's journey into Speak Now, where Taylor took control of her narrative and penned songs straight from the heart. For this era, consider baking an Enchanted Red Velvet Cake, representing the passion and intensity of Taylor's confessions. With its rich red hue and decadent cream cheese frosting, this cake is sure to enchant your taste buds.


Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars

Ah, Red, where Taylor explored the complexities of love and heartbreak with fiery intensity. To capture the essence of this era, bake Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars. Just like the album's blend of sweet and tangy emotions, these bars combine the richness of cheesecake with the tartness of fresh raspberries, creating a tantalizing flavour explosion.


Shake It Off Funfetti Cake Pops

Time to shake off the blues and dance into 1989! Inspired by Taylor's infectious anthem "Shake It Off," Funfetti Cake Pops are perfect. These colourful confections, coated in sprinkles and bursting with flavour, embody the carefree spirit and vibrant energy of Taylor's pop transition.


Dark Chocolate Decadence Cake

Welcome to the dark and mysterious world of Reputation. For this era, we'd like to indulge in a slice of Dark Chocolate Decadence Cake, reflecting the album's edgy vibes and unapologetic attitude. With its intense chocolate flavour and sleek, black frosting, this cake is a fitting tribute to Taylor's fearless reinvention.


Pastel Rainbow Macarons

As we enter Lover, love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with Pastel Rainbow Macarons? These delicate French treats, adorned in hues of pink, blue, and yellow, mirror the album's whimsical romanticism and joyful optimism. Each bite is a sweet reminder of love in all its vibrant colours.


Cinnamon Apple Crumble

Now, it’s time to cozy up with the introspective melodies of Folklore. Inspired by the album's nostalgic storytelling and rustic charm, a warm and comforting Cinnamon Apple Crumble. With its buttery topping and tender spiced apples, this dessert is like a musical embrace on a crisp autumn day.


Earl Grey Lavender Cake

Continuing our journey into the atmospheric world of Folklore's sister album, Evermore, indulge in an Earl Grey Lavender Cake. Infused with delicate floral notes and the comforting warmth of Earl Grey tea, this cake captures the ethereal beauty and poetic lyricism of Taylor's masterpiece.


Midnight Chocolate Truffles

As we venture into the dreamy soundscape of Midnights, we're savouring the magic of the night with Midnight Chocolate Truffles. These decadent delights, rolled in cocoa powder and filled with luscious ganache, are a sweet ode to the mysteries and romance that come alive after dark.

The Tortured Poets Department

Bittersweet Lemon Tart

Lastly, we're delving into Taylor's exploration of the human psyche with The Tortured Poets Department era. For this era, bake a Bittersweet Lemon Tart, capturing the complexities of emotion with its tangy lemon filling and buttery crust. Like Taylor's introspective lyrics, this dessert offers a delicate balance of bitterness and sweetness.

And there you have it, a scrumptious journey through Taylor Swift's musical eras, told through the language of baking. Why not add some friendship bracelet doughnuts to the spread? Check out our selection of Taylor themed decorations to finish off your baked goods.

Whether you're a die-hard swiftie or simply a lover of delicious treats, these desserts are sure to satisfy your cravings for both music and sweets. So, gather your ingredients, cue up your favourite Taylor Swift album, and let's start Baking – Taylor’s Version!