​Barbie Bakes

​Barbie Bakes

20th Jul 2023

Barbie Bakes

Where Sweetness Meets Glamour!

Hey there, fellow cake enthusiasts and baking queens! Did you know that Barbie has been around since 1959? She’s been everything from a fashionista to an astronaut, a veterinarian to a president, so why not a baker as well? Join us on a fantastical journey as we dive into some ideas for delicious and dazzling creations that would make even Barbie herself envious.

You’ll find everything you need to create a bedazzling Barbie creation in our  Barbie Inspired Occasion section!

Cupcake Couture

Get ready to sprinkle some stardust on your cupcakes! Make your cupcakes the epitome of fabulousness, by dressing them in mesmerizing pink frosting and shimmering edible glitter. Picture them crowned with miniature fondant high heels, sparkly tiaras, and chic purses, making them the talk of any party!

Rainbow Dream Cookies

Barbie's world is all about vibrant colours and endless dreams, so why not make some rainbow cookies to that enchantment right to your kitchen! Let your imagination run wild as you roll out a kaleidoscope of coloured doughs. Stack, slice, and bake them to perfection, resulting in cookies that are as mesmerizing to look at as they are delightful to devour!

Magical Bite-Sized Delights!

Miniature delights with a touch of whimsy, why not make some Barbie themed Cake Pops? Transform your favourite cake into adorable miniature Barbie dresses. Dress them up with intricate icing designs and a sprinkle of edible magic, and you'll have your guests swooning over these dainty treats!

Barbie's Doll Delight

Ah, how could we forget the delightful Barbie Doll Cake! This cake is not only delicious but also an ode to Barbie's enchanting world. With a doll at the centre your cake becomes her dress. It's not just a cake; it's a magical experience, a centrepiece that sets the stage for a celebration fit for a princess or a fashion icon like Barbie herself.

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Gather your baking tools, put on your tiara (or apron), and get ready to whip up some Barbielicious delights. Don't forget to share your sweet escapades with your fellow cake enthusiasts, because, with Barbie as your muse, every moment in the kitchen is an adventure in itself! Happy baking, darlings!