Bento Cakes

Bento Cakes

26th May 2023

Bento Cakes

These mini cakes have their origins in South Korea. They can be decorated with absolutely anything and the flavour doesn’t matter (as long as they are tasty!) the only rule is that are designed to be packaged and eaten in takeaway boxes. This makes bento cakes convenient and easy on the go!


The cakes are designed to stay in the boxes they are being transported in this means you have free reign to use practically any cake you fancy as it won’t be fussed with after being put together. These cakes are small, typically meant to be an individual portion or at most to serve two, so you will either need a small tin or mould to bake them in or they can be cut out of sheet cake. They also do not need to be very tall as the lid on the box will still need to close, realistically you are only looking at two layers of cake.


There are a couple of options for boxes for your bento cakes. First off there’s the classic takeaway style container perfect for gifting out single bento cakes. If you want to pair your cake with cupcakes or other treats you can cut four cupcake cavities in a cupcake box into one hole then line with wax paper, this will leave you with space around the bento cake to fill with cupcakes. Once you’ve picked your box, you’ll want to bake your cake an inch to two inches smaller than the box to leave room for icing.


The original bento cakes were simplistic and minimalistic in design, however since their rise in popularity their designs have also expanded. From simple messages on pastel-coloured cakes to floral masterpieces and animal faces the only limit is your creativity! Even the wax paper used to line you box can factor into the decoration if you can find a patterned paper to match your theme.

Products we love for this project!

White Bento Box – Single

Perfect to gift out your bento cakes!

Tall Cupcake Box - 12 Count 4" Deep

Ideal if you want to add some cupcakes!

Round Cake Tins

Smaller tins are great if you’re making the occasional bento cake!