Boho Wedding Cakes

Boho Wedding Cakes

27th Jun 2023

Boho Wedding Cakes

There are a wide range of wedding cakes that could be called boho but there is certain essence that is captured by all of them. Whimsical and natural these cakes do not lend themselves to the more formal style of vintage cakes even though they can have some overlapping elements, yet they seem more structured than their rustic counterparts. These cakes have a softness to them but also retain a sense of elegance.

Here is guide on the different elements that can go into creating the perfect boho wedding cake.


Classically, these cakes are made in pale earthy colours with touches of greenery and accents of jewel tones or darker earth tones in the details. For a bolder look a deeper earth tone, such as terracotta, could be used for the base colour then the details created in metallic or neutral colours. Small touches of metallic colours can also really compliment this style.


The natural element of these cakes means there is often a floral element however this can come in many forms. Many people like to use dried grasses and flowers to compliment the earth tones however using fresh flowers is also an option. Pressed on edible flowers also seem to be gaining popularity against a neural base with minimal other decorations. Even the occasional succulent has been seen to accent these cakes!


These cakes often play with differing textures than classic wedding cakes to add depth without overloading the cake with decorations. There are various ways to do this such as draping, textured buttercream, and nature inspired patterns. Instead of adding fresh or dried flowers one option is to play with palette knife details to create floral effects which will also add an interesting texture.

Other Decorations

There are other elements that can be added to enhance these cakes whether it’s in addition to or instead of florals. Fresh fruits are a popular choice along with feathers, macrame, metallic leaf, and of course to top it off - a wooden topper.

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