8th Jul 2022

Bubblecakes are hot out of the oven!

These bubbles are all over social media and make great additions to cakes for every celebratory event!

This Bubble design is usually found on tiered occasion cakes. There are so many varieties possible with this design the colour and size combinations are endless. Leaving your imagination to go wild.

How are these delicious looking bubbles made?    

Modelling chocolate, sugarpaste, gelatine and poly-spheres which can be coated like a cake pop with candy melts or tempered chocolate.

What occasions can I use a bubble cake for?    

Baby shower / gender reveal 

use baby pinks and blues for the bubbles.

Under the sea theme 

Use a blue and grey theme for a cute toddler birthday.

Teen cakes

Create a glamorous bubble cake with a black and gold theme or a bubble-gum theme using candy pinks and sky-blue colourings.

Top Tip    

If you are using chocolate or candy melts for your bubbles, you will need an oil base colouring.

Products that we love for this project!    

FunCakes Deco melts in white 250g

A great option to create bubble shapes as they can be coloured to adapt to any project you are doing!

Sugarflair lustre dust platinum

Lustre dusts are a staple to any cake decorators collection. You can add rejuvenator spirit to your lustre dusts to use them as a paint.

Colour mill white 20ml

This colouring range is oil based which is perfect for colouring chocolate or candy melts for your bubbles.

Silikomart – classic mould – semifera half sphere 60mm

The Silikomart moulds are great for moulding bubbles into shape. Best used with candy melts or tempered chocolate.

2 Inch polystyrene cake dummy (sphere) individual

An amazing way of creating your balloon shapes is to use a poly sphere

Saracino Sargel (transparent cold gelatine) 3KG

This gelatine can be used to create a more delicate bubble shape.

This method is time consuming but worth it for the amazing effect. Allow 4-5 hours to create the bubbles and up to 24 hours for them to set.