Cartoon Cakes

Cartoon Cakes

3rd Mar 2023

Cartoon Cakes

These crazy cakes seem unreal as this trend see cake makers producing cakes that look so 2D it seems they’ve come straight from the pages of a comic book! Our very own Cake of the Month competition winner in January blew us all away with her take on this trend!

How to achieve this effect?

Although they may look like they’ve popped off the screen in front of you we can assure you that, sadly, you do still have to bake these cakes to start with… it’s all in the decorating that the cartoon illusion is created.

The trick is to stick to only a few colours, usually a maximum of two or three and generally these colours should be in muted tones. Then every detail of the cake needs to be outlined in black – whether you pipe black icing thinly or use extracted black fondant is up to you. For added impact cut a slice out of the cake, ice and decorate that as well so it seems as though the inside of the cake is also a cartoon!

What occasions will these work at?

- Birthday Party

These cakes would be the talk of any party… and if you’re lucky the guest may not realise its real leaving more cake for you.

- Father’s Day

Is your dad comic mad? What better way to celebrate him than letting him eat a treat that looks like its from his favourite fiction?

- Wedding

Stick to black and white for a quirky but stylish wedding cake that no one will forget.

Top Tip

Keep it simple! Use basic shapes – think circles, stars, and hearts – and only a few colours to keep your cake looking as unrealistic as possible!

Products we love for this project!

Renshaw Jet Black Ready To Roll Icing 250g

You’ll definitely need black icing for this project

Progel Concentrated Colour - Pastel Rainbow Pack of 6

You can’t go wrong with pastel colours

PME Heart Cutters Set of 6

Keep your decorations simple with these PME heart cutters

Cake Star Smoother Polisher

It’s important to make sure the cake is crisp and smooth for the best effect