Creating the perfect treat box

Creating the perfect treat box

19th Jul 2022

Creating the perfect treat box

Treat boxes have become so popular in recent years, they are so versatile and can be really tailored to the event or consumer preferences. You can really go wild with your imagination on this one however we will show you what we think what would be included in the perfect treat box. Some of the most popular components of a treat box are cupcakes, geometric candy melt hearts (or chocolate), cakesicles, cake pops, macaroons, sweets and more! There is usually a colour theme for these boxes, this makes it look really professional and cohesive. These can be tailored seasonally too; A treat box is welcome for any season and event!

A treat box can be used as a portfolio to give little samples of your skills to your customers. You really can include whatever you feel like adding.

A lot of the products featured in a treat box are coated in chocolate or candy melt coatings, these are great as you can decorate these in such a variety of ways.

Transporting Tip

If your treat boxes will be transported it is worth adding something into the box to stable your items from moving and bumping into each other. A couple of useful ideas we have is to use mini marshmallows (like packing peanuts) or popcorn! Making transporting the treats a breeze and extra nibbles always go down well!

Ideas for what to include

Chocolate geometric shapes

A main feature of a lot of treat boxes is a geometric heart, often a large one that fills most of the box and a hammer dowel to smash this open. The heart housing mini treats inside. This playful treats are fairly easy to make. You will need a geometric shape mould to get you started. We have a set of smaller geometric heart moulds from NY cake on our website. When you are ready to make your design melt your chocolate or candy melts and using a brush. Brush the chocolate or candy melts into the mould, you can do several layers to thicken the Heart. Put these in the fridge until set.

Depending on the size of the shaped mould you have chosen you can either fill the shape with things like cake or ganache. If you have chosen a larger shape, you can fill your box and place the large one-half shape over your items to hide them. Your consumer can smash this up or remove to reveal all of the treats in the box.


Cakesicles are super on trend, these are very similar to chocolate geometric shapes interior wise however the exterior is slightly different. The cakesicle is supposed to resemble an ice-lolly featuring a lolly stick. We have some great cakesicle moulds from a number of different brands. Our top sellers of cakesicle moulds include Silikomart, Purple cupcakes, Choco Patiss and more! We also house a variation of popsicle sticks for your bakes, we have options from Make a Wish, Silikomart and sweet stamp. These are very similar to making cake pops, brushing the sides of the mould with melted chocolate or candy melts until there is a thick layer. Refrigerate until set and fill with whatever you fancy! Seal both sides together by placing one side onto a hot plate or pan and hold two sides together. Put these back into the fridge until the seal is set and your ready to decorate in any way you please!

Other mini treat ideas:

Chocolate covered strawberries, candy melt covered cookies or macaroons, fondant covered cookies with embossed patterns. Mini candy bars, mini candy melt covered doughnuts and why not add some sparkle with a bit of gold or silver leaf!