15th Jun 2022


A firm favourite, great for parties, gifts, snacks, something to make with the kids... Whatever the occasion, cupcakes are always the answer! 

Here are our 10 top tips for making cupcakes:

Always follow the recipe

Substituting the odd thing may sound harmless at the time but you’re probably not going to end up with what you had in mind when they come out the oven! The recipes state specific ingredients for good reason, and that reason is perfect yummy cakes. If you’re looking to substitute, do your research first.

Use room temperature ingredients

We’ve all been there, forgotten to take the butter or eggs out of the fridge. When cold, the ingredients don’t combine as smoothly. Your mix can end up clumpy, and further resulting in a dense cake rather than it being light and fluffy. Which leads us onto our next point...

Don’t over/undermix

Overmixing creates cracks and air tunnels in your bakes. Undermixing can result in a flaky cake with a fallen center. You want to mix until all ingredients are combined and smooth, but for no longer.

Use good quality cake liners

Use good quality cupcake cases. No one likes a greasy cupcake case, nor does anyone like the side of a cupcake caving in, or the case taking half the cupcake away when you peel it off. Shop our full range of cupcake cases.

Spread the mix evenly

Always spread the mix evenly between your cases. Weigh them out for accuracy. You want your cupcake cases to be about 2/3 full. Underfilling may result over cooked flat cupcakes, overfilling may result in an undercooked center, or a ‘mushroom top’.

Use a thermometer

Though you may think you’ve set your oven to the correct temperature; oven temperatures may differ slightly. Using a thermometer will help you keep your oven at the recipes required temp.

Only bake one batch at a time

The center of the oven is where the magic happens. Baking more than one batch means you’ll have to keep rotating the trays to ensure they are baked evenly.

Don’t open the oven while they’re baking

They will start to sink. You’ll know they are getting close to being done when the tops aren’t glistening anymore.

Always test if your cupcakes are done

Just pop a skewer in the middle of the cakes, and if it comes out clean, you’re ready to go.

Let the cakes cool

We can all be a little eager to create masterpieces, but your decorations won’t sit pretty if you apply them when the cake is still warm. Let the cakes cool out of the baking tin for at least 10 minutes before you unleash your creative cupcake decorating skills.

Our favourite cupcake accessories that we stock at VV

Bouquet Boxes

Turn your cakes into a pretty floral display with our bouquet boxes. These are a great way to present cupcakes as a gift, add the perfect finishing touch with a pretty bouquet bow!

Cupcake Cases

We pride ourselves on having one of the finest selections of cupcake cases and cupcake wrappers in the UK. Whatever the occasion we are sure that we have the cases to suit. Whether you’re looking for foil cases, Peppa Pig or even edible wafer cases, we have it covered.

Cupcake Rings, Picks & Sugar Pipings

Quick and easy ways to decorate cupcakes, they’re perfect for themed parties and younger children.

Themed Cupcake Kits

We stock a range of themed cupcake kits, great to bake with the children. They come complete with cases and edible decorations. Bake beautiful creations without the fuss of gathering your own decorations!


Create flowers, fancy swirls, or add a personalised message with our wide range of piping nozzles. Blend 3 colours into one with the Wilton colour swirl decorating kit, fancy!


Last but not least, you need something to show case your masterpieces. We stock our own range of cupcake stands which are made onsite. We also stock a range of themed stands for children’s parties, from football to princesses and everything in between.