Drip cakes

Drip cakes

15th Aug 2022

How to make drip cakes    

What’s better than ‘flooding’ your cake with chocolate? Drip cakes are a chocoholics dream!

First time trying a drip cake? No problem, here’s a few tips and tricks to get you going .

Preparing your cake    

First off you need to layer buttercream around your cake. Start off with a thin layer around the sides and top of the cake to create a crumb coat and leave to set in the fridge for around 30 minutes. Once set, add more buttercream to the top and sides of the cake and smooth around, covering the cake in buttercream. We recommend using a slightly warm, large metal scraper to smooth out your buttercream, as this will give you more of a seamless smooth finish. Pop the cake in the fridge again for 30 minutes to set. Check out our ganache page for tips and tricks on ganaching like a pro.

Preparing your cake drip    

Once your buttercream has set, you can prepare your drip. A quick and easy way is using ready-made chocolate drips. Chocolate drips are great to achieve vibrant colours, and they’re mess free! Ready-made drips can be stored in the fridge and reheated again and again. You also can melt deco melts and use these for your drips. Or, if you would like to make your own ganache drip, heat cream and chocolate and mix together. If you use white chocolate and would like to colour it yourself, we suggest using gel colouring over liquid. Gel colours are super vibrant and don’t change the consistency of the drip.

Adding drip to your cake    

Once you’ve chosen your drip method, there are two ways of applying it to the cake.
You could either use a spoon, simply spooning teaspoons of ganache/drip on to the edge of your chilled buttercream cake. Another option is using a plastic bottle, this allows you to add a drip to a cake a lot more quickly, it’s also a lot easier and cleaner and you can control how much you want.
If you have left over drip in a bottle, you can just pop it in the fridge – left over drip can last in the fridge for up to a month. To reuse it just pop it in the microwave and reheat in 15 second intervals until it’s the right consistency.

Different styles of drip    

You can achieve different style drips; this all depends on how warm your ganache/drip is. Make a thick, chunky drip with ganache which has been left to cool and is nearly at room temperature. Create a medium drip, with ganache which is just warm to touch, or a thin drip which ganache which has only been left to cool slightly. Shorter drips are best for when you plan on decorating the bottom of the cake, or longer drips are great for more of a dramatic look

Tips for a perfect cake drip    

Take your time    

Always be careful when adding drips to cakes – don’t do it too quickly as you’ll get a runaway drip off the cake board. 

Do a test drip    

Always test your drip first! Just do a single drip and let it set for a couple of minutes, if you’re happy with it use that temperature drip. If you’re not, either let it cool for longer or put it in the microwave for a little longer – 5 second intervals will do the trick. If you have made your own ganache drip and it’s too runny, you may not have enough chocolate in your mix – try adding a little more. Once you’ve adjusted your drip, test it again. 

Chill your cake    

Always chill your cake! Buttercream must be firm to touch 30 mins in fridge or 10 mins in freezer. This helps your drips stay in place once you’ve added them, prevents them from running further down the cake.