Fabulous winter flavour favourites

Fabulous winter flavour favourites

24th Nov 2023

Christmas and Winter flavours that will elevate your bakes and impress your guests!

With the days getting milder and darker, the best way to keep yourself warm, entertained and satisfied is to get out your oven mitts and get baking.

Whether you are making sponge cake, muffin, loaf cake or cupcakes, the options for flavour are endless. 

Foodie flavours, Beau concentrated flavourings and Saracino flavour pastes are bake stable so they are safe to use in your winter baking! WOO! Saracino flavour pastes can also be used like a jam in sandwich cakes or a cupcake filling.

Keep in mind that when choosing a flavouring that these are highly concentrated. You only need a small drop of flavour at a time. 

There are so many different festive flavourings to choose from so we have provided some of our Winter / Christmas flavour favourites for your perusal. 

Beau Christmas pudding flavouring

Christmas pudding flavouring is gorgeous and is full of christmas cheer with fruit and spice. Make a delicious christmas pudding flavour dessert without the hassle of making christmas pudding! 

Egg nog

The ultimate creamy christmas drink! Avaliable in both Beau Egg Nog Flavouring  and Saracino Egg Nog Flavour Paste, this could be a winning buttercream flavour! 


Mint pairs perfectly with a strong chocolate flavour. Add a peppermint flavour to your favourite chocolate brownie mix for a gorgous flavour profile. Avaliable from Beau.


A stunning flavour with almond, fruit and spice as we know from the classic panettone. Beau Panettone flavouring would make a fabulous addition to a sponge cake batter, cupcakes or buttercream! 

Orange flavourings 

Orange flavourings are super popular at this time of year. You can simply add your orange flavouring to your vanilla cake batter or buttercream or you could add it to chocolate sponge mix or buttercream for a luxury effect. Vanilla cupcakes with a Chocolate orange buttercream sounds amazing to us! There are a few variations on the classic orange flavour including: Jaffa OrangeNatural st clements and a Spiced orange flavour!