Fake Bakes

Fake Bakes

23rd Jun 2023

Fake Bakes

With the cost-of-living soaring cake makers and hobby bakers everywhere are looking for ways to reduce their bills. Many people are turning to fake bakes to do this. There are even challenges to stick within certain budgets and to only go to one shop if you want to try this to the extreme!

What are fake bakes?

Fake bakes are cakes made from supermarket cakes which have been deconstructed, rebuilt, and decorated with as little cost and equipment as possible.

What is the benefit?

Apart from the reduction in bills from not using ovens and mixers there are also other benefits. For one in the summer months, it will help to keep your kitchen cooler. Although this may not be practical in the long term for a professional cake maker for a hobby baker or somebody who is looking to make a one-off cake for a loved one there are a lot of savings to be made as they will not have to splurge on equipment such as cake tins that will rarely be used.

What you’ll need

First, you’ll need to grab your supermarket cake in whichever flavour you prefer plus extra frosting and decorations for your cake. Coloured chocolate is always a nice and easy way to add a splash of brightness to your cake – just melt in the microwave and it’s ready! Sprinkles, sweets, and mini baked goods are also all great additions to make your fake bake pop.

How to assemble

Mix your extra frosting to fluff it up then use it to secure your cakes together before coating them with it. Place in the fridge to harden if necessary. Then you’re onto the fun part – decorate, decorate, decorate!!

Spruce up your fake bake with these products –

Beau Buttercream 390g – Butterscotch– Ideal frosting to build your fake bake with!

Patterned Edge Side Scrapers - Set of 4 Scrape any icing off your store-bought cakes.

Cake Star 12" Disposable Piping Bags - Pack of 12Perfect to pipe that frosting back on.

PME Pink Candy Buttons 12ozAdd some extra colour to your creation!

Why add a finishing touch with some sprinkles?

Whether you’re a baking novice or a cake pro why not set yourself a challenge and give a fake bake a go?