Figure modelling for beginners

Figure modelling for beginners

19th Jul 2022

Figure Modelling

Figure modelling is something that can take a lot of time to practice and learn.

The basic modelling shapes

Use fondant or modelling paste to make these different shapes. If you are using a sugarpaste or ready to roll icing (fondant) it can be useful to add some Tylo powder, this will firm up the icing and make it easier to work with. We would recommend using 1tsp per 250g pack of sugarpaste. By using tylo powder, your model will set quicker too!

It will be easier to work with the icing if this has been kneaded into the right consistency.


Roll the sugar paste in your palm to create a round shape, use your pointer fingers to round any creases out.


The cone shape is similar to a ball shape however this comes up to a point at the top. Again, roll this into a rounded shape using your fingers to round creases out.


The Oval shape is similar to the ball but has a longer body to it.


You can make a sausage shape by rolling a piece of sugarpaste onto a rolling mat or table.


The egg shape is similar to the cone shape however instead of coming to a point at the top it is rounded.


The rope uses the same method as the sausage, but this is much longer and thinner.

By mastering these shapes, you can be sure that you can now attempt a simple model design and begin your journey!

Remember that models are very sensitive to heat so ensure that you store these correctly. The last thing you need after spending time making your models is for these to melt. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, store these in a clean, dry place away from sunlight.