How to make Hot Chocolate Bombs

How to make Hot Chocolate Bombs

19th Jul 2022

How to make Hot Chocolate Bombs

A fun little treat which can be made for any season of the year but most popular in the winter to warm up! Hot chocolate bombs are hollow chocolate spheres filled with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows (or whatever toppings suit your fancy). Simply put your bomb into a mug and pour hot milk over and voila! You have yourself a fabulous hot chocolate drink. Hot chocolate bombs are a great activity for kids, wedding/ party favour or just as a fun drink!


Our tips to a perfect hot chocolate bomb    

To start making your hot chocolate bomb, you need to have the right shape mould. The best shape for this would be a half sphere, make 2 separate halves and stick them together. We recommend the Silikomart - Classic Mould - Semisfera Half Sphere 50mm or something similar.


Choose and make your outer shell    

Choose whether you would like to use candy melts or chocolate to form your sphere. Simply brush your melt onto the sides of the mould, ensure that this is thick enough that you will be able to peel the chocolate out of the mould. You can even do a second or third coating for measure (I don’t think that anyone has complained about having too much chocolate!).

Once you are happy with your chocolate coating, pop onto a baking tray, cover, and place into the fridge until set.

Once your chocolate spheres are set and ready to go, we can assemble! Take one half of your chocolate sphere and fill with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows (or any additional toppings of your choosing).

Carefully melt the other side of your bomb just enough that you can stick this with the melted chocolate onto the other half.

Pop these into the fridge again to set the two halves together. This is vital for the desired final effect.


Decorating ideas    

At VV our favourite part of a bake is the decorating stage and its no different for the hot chocolate bomb! You really can go wild with these!


Candy melts    

One option is to melt some candy melts and pipe a delicate selection of lines on the top of the bomb.


Go wild with some bright and bold edible glitter, Rainbow Dust offer every colour you could imagine!

Getting the kids involved

When the kids are on their break from school, its always useful to have some creative ideas to keep them entertained. A great idea is to get some edible eyes and icing tubes to decorate hot chocolate bombs.


If you feel that your hot chocolate bombs need a bit of added colour or shine, you can always use a dry brush and add colour to your design for a great finish. For colour a great option are the Sugar Flair blossom Tints. If you are looking for a metallic finish, sweet sticks metallic lustre and squires kitchen designer metallic lustre dusts are a great options.


At VV we love a good sprinkle! Find our great range on our website. Some of our favourite sprinkle brands are Halo Sprinkles, Purple cupcakes, Make a Wish and Happy sprinkles. We are confident that we will have something that suits your design!