Rainbow cakes

Rainbow cakes

8th Jul 2022

Rainbow Cakes

Rainbow cakes are a showstopper at any event, great for kids birthdays (or adults), pride events, celebration cakes and more!

Cake Tin

To get you started on your rainbow cake you may need a pan set for your many layers to be baked in! The Wilton Easy Layers Round Cake Pan Set - 5 Pieces is perfect for making your rainbow cake come to life. These pans make a 6” round cake to make the process super easy, your cakes will be ready to stack and fill in no time.

Rainbow colourings

These can be used alongside the cake décor rainbow cake colours set of 5! You get 5 colourings perfect for making 5 layered rainbow cakes. We advise making your favourite cake batter and dividing it up into 5 bowls, then adding the full tube of colour into each and bake separately for a fabulous rainbow cake!!

Cake Mixes

Madame Loulou have a range of rainbow cake mixes where each coloured cake mix is a different flavour. There is blueberry, pistachio, vanilla, peach and more! These mixes are perfect as they are gluten free and do not contain preservatives, palm oil, Azo-colours or trans-fat. They are a great idea for getting the kids involved. Each packet is enough for one 8-inch round celebration cake.

Rainbow Additions

If the rainbow cake effect isn’t enough for you, fear not!! We have plenty of rainbow to go around. Some of our personal favourites are the Roxy and Rich Rainbow Cake Drip Kit – Set of 6, with this kit you could have rainbow drip going all the way around your cake!

If full cakes aren’t your thing we have options for you, check out our rainbow cupcake cases and cupcake pics. We really do have everything you need to fulfil your rainbow dreams.