27th Mar 2024


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is a time to stay away from things that can be impure for the body and mind. During this period Muslims will fast between dawn and dust from food and dusk as they practice self-restraint, in keeping with ṣawm one of the pillars of Islam. They also stay away from impure and unkind thoughts during the fast.


Each evening the fast is broken at sunset, this meal is called Iftar. Often this is with a date and a glass of water or juice, then worshippers will prayer before consuming a larger meal.

Desserts of Ramadan

Ramadan is celebrated worldwide so there are many different foods and of course desserts eaten after the sun goes down.

Tulumba – deep fried and soaked in syrup these are similar to churros.

Baklava – layered pastry dessert filled with honey and chopped nuts.

Stuffed Dates – traditional to break the fast with but there are endless options when it comes to filling to stuff them with!

Halawa Truffles – a bite sized version of a Middle Eastern dessert sometimes paired with pistachio, almond or chocolate.

Kue asida – Indonesian pudding dessert flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom and honey.

Balushahi – similar to a doughnut but soft, flaky and sweet from being soaked in sugar syrup.

Useful Products

  • Vanilla extra – for the vanilla syrup to soak your tulumba in.
  • Moulds – to help you shape your truffles.
  • Callebaut – if you want to add any chocolate to your truffles
From everyone here at the Vanilla Valley, Ramadan Mubarak!