Stamping and embossing

Stamping and embossing

27th Jan 2023

Choosing the right stamp for your bakes

Stamping is becoming increasingly popular in the baking world, it's a fun way to add personalisation or adhere to themed parties. Stamps are great as you can use multiple to create your own designs. They can be used on sugarpaste, modelling paste, ganache, marzipan, modelling chocolate and more! Here's a few little tips and tricks before you step into the world of stamping...


Use stamps to emboss beautiful, personalised names on your cakes and bakes. Stamping is a great time saver, as it saves you from hand crafting designs. We stock font stamps from great brands such as PME, Sweet StampPurple Cupcakes. When you receive your font, it is likely that the letters will be in a handy storage tray. To remove the letters from the tray, make aball of tacky fondant and use to pull the letters out. Another way you could do it is by using a scriber to gently release them. You can either pick and press each letter onto your bake or use a pickup pad.

Using a pickup pad

A pickup pad is simply a clear acrylic sheet, with guidelines, and has a sticky ‘cling’ side. This allows you to position your design how you wish on the guidelines and pick it up altogether. This ensures an even emboss and more control over the placement, especially if you are embossing the sides of your cake. Once you’re happy with your design on your pickup pad, gently roll the design around the side of the cake, or gently press down if it’s a flat surface you’re stamping on. You can then gently take your design off the pickup pad and cover the sticky film to keep it clean, ready for its next use. We also stock a range of fonts which have handy little handles, allowing you to stamp a letter at a time.

Once you’re happy with your embossed design, you can use edible paints to bring your creation to life or leave it as a minimal embossed design.


If you love embossing, why not try out OUTbossing with Sweet Stamps range of OUTboss stamps. It is the same kind of process, but a different result! OUTboss offers a stunning range of pre-designed messages that do the opposite of embossing creating a gorgeous 3D raised impression design. These are super popular for adding a themed look to cupcakes, cookies and especially are popular for styling edibles for treat boxes. Stamp your OUTboss on to sugarpaste or modelling paste, you want to roll it to around 3mm thick. Lift the stamp to reveal your design, then decorate with paints, dusts and more.

Stamp n Cut

We also stock theStamp n Cut range by Sweet Stamp which is essentially an OUTboss stamp and cutter which allows you to cut out perfect size cookies and fondant.

How to use Stamp n Cut cutters:

Roll, cut and bake your cookie dough

Roll your fondant approx 3mm thick.

Place your OUTboss on top of your fondant and press down with pickup pad or rolling pin.

Lift up the OUTboss to reveal the design

Paint or leave unpainted as desired.

Top tips! 

We suggest lightly embossing your letters and designs, as they will be easier to paint, use a good quality brush to get a high standard finish.

Emboss deeper if you would like to fill your emboss with bulkier items such as glitter, piping gel, sprinkles, or royal icing.

Take your time with painting to get the best results – good things take time!