Stencilling on cookies

Stencilling on cookies

15th Jun 2022

Top tips for stencilling on cookies

Cookie stencils! Where do we start? There are a few different ways you can work with a cookie stencil depending on your desired outcome.

Cookie stencils are a quick and easy way to add decorations to your sugar cookies, and helps you achieve a perfect pattern every time! Have a look at our cookie stencils and holders below to get you started! There is something for everyone!

The most popular ways of using cookie stencils


A quick and simple way to give your cookies some character. Here are some top tips for airbrushing your cookies!

When you’re spraying always hold the airbrush straight above the stencil (to a 90-degree angle). If you spray at an angle the paint may seep under the stencil.

If you only want to paint a particular section of your cookie, use masking tape to cover the part of the stencil you wish to keep clear. Spend the time to line the stencil back up when you are ready to paint the other areas, to get the perfect pattern.

Try not to over-spray, once you lift the stencil the colour may bleed into the rest of the cookie.

Wipe your stencil between uses to prevent paint smudging and any unwanted marks on your cookie.

Royal Icing stencilling

You need to make sure your icing is the right consistency. We recommend ½ to 1 ½ teaspoons of water to one cup of icing. You want your icing to have a bit of body and to cling to your utensil. You do not want it to run off as this will result in the icing bleeding under your stencil once you have spread it.

Always use a cookie stencil holder – not only is it easier, but there is less chance of the stencil moving while you apply the icing,

Always make sure your stencils are laying flat, if it is curling up or down you may not get the smooth finish you are after. Place a heavy object on your cookie stencil if you can see any warping before-hand.

When you first apply the icing pick up a good amount, as you want to ‘glue’ the stencil to the cookie. Add a little more than you think you need, you will be scraping it off later.

Once you have covered the area, use a scraper to scrape off any excess icing on the stencil – we recommend scraping in the direction of the pattern in the stencil so you’re not going to catch any parts of the stencil while scraping.

Once you can see your design start to come through after scraping, take the stencil off, ensuring you lift up straight rather than pulling it to the side and smudging the icing.

Cookie stencil holders and non slip mats - the secret to the perfectly decorated cookie

Whichever method you wish to use, we do recommend you use a cookie stencil holder. Never heard of a cookie stencil holder? So, a cookie stencil holder is essentially 2 plastic frames with magnets in each corner, you can pop your cookie stencil in between the 2 frames with magnets so they hold it in place. The idea then is to place the stencil over your cookie, most stencils allow for around a centimetre thick cookie, but you can always add more magnets to prop it up slightly more. We recommend you pop your stencil and cookie on to a baking tray, so the magnets secure to the tray avoiding any slippages. You can also place a small nonslip mat under your cookie to ensure it doesn’t move. 

Now to get creative with your cookies!