Succulent & Cactus Cakes

Succulent & Cactus Cakes

27th Jan 2023

Succulent & Cactus Cakes

Keep your eyes pricked for these contemporary cakes!

These little plants seem to be everywhere recently, so why not give your cakes an edge by adding a spiky friend?

Succulents and cactuses come in many varieties which means there’s many different options to create cakes around them. From classic buttercream creations to funky cake pops, the possibilities are endless!

Ways to make delightful & scrumptious succulents

There are a few options to create the perfect cactus.

  • Moulds – use with sugarpaste or marzipan to create uniform plants
  • Piping – different flower tips will build up different texture succulents and cactuses
  • Modelling – flower wire and flowerpaste can be used to free hand build taller catuses

What occasions will these work at?


Use a neutral colour pallet and clean edges for a modern twist


Pair with bright colours and llamas for an upbeat and fun cake


Pop in a plant pot design cake for an avid gardener


Some cactus cake pop will never be out of place at a barn dance!

Top Tip

If you are using buttercream to create your succulents and cactuses make sure you whiten it before colouring it for a more true colour!

Products we love for this project!

Colour Mill - Oil Based Colour - BOTANICAL SET OF 6

This colour set has lovely complimentary options for both the plants and the cake, and could also be use to colour melts for cake pops.

Purple Cupcakes - Classic Oval Cakesicle Mould

The perfect base to create cactus cake pops around.

Wilton Flower Tip Set - Petal and Leaf Nozzles - Set of 4

Use these to create buttercream plants.

Succulent - Karen Davies Mould

A beautiful mould will add the perfect finishing touch to any cake.

Wilton Silicone Baking Mould – Cactus

A funky little mould for more upbeat occasions!