Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

15th Jun 2022

How to make sugar cookies

Sugar cookies are sweet and simple... just how we like them! They’re super easy to make and suit every occasion. You can cut them whatever shape you wish and they’re the perfect blank canvas to decorate on. What’s great about sugar cookies is that they keep their shape, so they always look neat and uniform.

Some super handy hints to get you started with sugar cookies!

Roll out your dough then pop it in the fridge, this helps the cookies keep their shape and are easier to handle.

Use parchment paper to roll out cookie dough

If you wish to sprinkle flour on the surface to roll out, keep in mind that the flour may dry out the dough resulting in dry spots that may trap air. What you can do is tape parchment paper to the surface and pop some parchment paper on top before rolling to avoid the dough sticking to your rolling pin.

Take it easy

When rolling out your dough, don’t press too hard. Gently roll out your dough to push any air bubbles out.

Using rolling pin guides

Use a rolling pin with guide rings to ensure you roll out your dough evenly. If you don’t have guides, you can put skewers/lollipop sticks/doll rods on each side and roll over them – ideally you want to roll out to ¼ of an inch thick.

Adding extras to your cookies

Most people prefer to leave the sugar cookies plain and add decorations with icing. If you wish to get adventurous and add a little flavour you can either add a touch of flavouring to your icing or add dried fruit/chocolate/cinnamon or something similar to the dough. Bear in mind that adding extra ingredients to your dough may alter the consistency, and the finish of your sugar cookies may not be as sleek and smooth as plain cookies.

Decorating cookies

Once your cookies are baked and cooled, it's time for the fun part… Decorating!

Decorating cookies with royal icing

Using royal icing is the most popular way to decorate sugar cookies, as it gives a smooth a flawless finish.

Popping a nozzle coupler in an icing bag as it’s easier to switch from a thin nozzle to a slightly thicker one. Alternatively, you can fill 2 icing bags. Putting 3/4 of your icing in the bag with the thicker nozzle and the rest in a bag with a thin nozzle for outlines.

With the thin nozzle draw around the outline of your cookie to create a little dam for the icing.

Use the slightly larger nozzle then to fill in the cookie design. Make sure you start at one point and make your way across the cookie until it is covered. You don't want to be doing bits here and there if you’re aiming for a smooth, sleek finish as the icing will dry and result in bumps.

Once you’ve applied the icing, use a toothpick to spread out any uneven bits or pop any unwanted air bubbles.

If you plan on adding another colour and want a smooth finish, do so while the layer is still wet. Also, now’s a good time to pop your sprinkles on before the icing dries. Or you can add them later with a little edible glue

Using fondant to decorate your cookies.

Another way you can decorate your cookies is with fondant. Simply roll out your fondant and cut using your selected cutter. You can either use the same size cutter as your cookie or a size smaller. If you are planning on just painting and decorating your fondant you can now secure it on to the sugar cookie. You can do this by adding a little edible glue or corn syrup to the cookie.

If you plan on stamping your fondant, stamp before securing it to your cookie to avoid breakages. Take a look at our Stamp n Cut range by Sweet Stamp. They allow you to cut your cookie dough and icing to the shape you wish. You can then stamp the design into the fondant, and they all line up perfectly. We stock a wide range of Stamp n Cut collections, for every occasion of the year. See our ‘How To’ guide on stamping for more information!

How to decorate cookies after applying fondant or royal icing.

Using edible paints

You can free hand paint or use a cookie stencil and airbrush.

Using cookie stencils with icing (stamping)

To get a raised icing design which will stand out! See our cookie stamping ‘How to’ guide to step into the world of stamping.

Adding sprinkles and decorations

Simply add a little edible glue and sprinkle to your hearts content! Personally at VV we love a sprinkle, it adds some fun with minimal effort plus they taste great! Whats not to love?

We stock a wide range of cookie cutters, stamps, and stencils… there is definitely something for everyone. 

Get creative in the kitchen and try these incredibly satisfying sugar cookies!