Tips for transporting cakes

Tips for transporting cakes

15th Jun 2022

Tips for transporting cakes

Imagine spending hours on your masterpiece, to only find it smushed up against the side of your cake box when you get to your destination. It’s the last thing you want, and definitely the last thing your client wants! These handy hints will make transporting your bake a piece of cake!

Secure your cake

Rule number 1! Always make sure your cake is secured to the board. Secure your cake with a little bit of buttercream, this will stop any slip and slides.

Size up your cake board

We recommend using a bigger cake board than your cake. Not only does it make it more stable, but you also have a little extra room for manoeuvring the cake without smudging any decorations.

Choose the correct size cake box

Your box should be the same width as your cake board, this prevents your board moving whilst in the box. The top of your box should be at least 2 inches taller than your cake, especially if you have decorations on it.

Pack larger decorations seperatley

If you have larger decorations, we recommend packaging them separately (without squishing any) and placing them on your cake once you get to your destination.

Plan ahead

Always plan ahead! What’s the weather going to be like? If your vehicle going to be warm/cold? Cake decorations and fillings are sensitive to heat, and cold. If you’re travelling a long way, you may want to avoid a buttercream covered cake if you’re in a pair of shorts and sunnies.

Cake prep - keeping it cool

If you are transporting a buttercream covered cake a little handy tip is to freeze or chill the cake before taking it. This means it would a little longer for the buttercream to soften, and it will prevent you from damaging any buttercream when popping it in the box.

Seperate your tiers to travel

If your cake has more than one tier, we recommend packaging the tiers separately, and building them at your destination, the higher your cake the higher the risk of it toppling.

Be prepared for damages

Take spares to plan for repairs. Take a little icing, spatula etc just to fix any smudges or nicks.

Choose your spot wisely

Put your cake on a level spot in your car. As much as you want to put it on the seat next to you where you can see it, car seats are not level. You’re better off putting it in the boot of your car. But make sure you have the box on some sort of non-slip mat, or your cake will have a party of its own.

Drive carefully

Drive carefully! Avoid speed bumps, sharp turns, sudden braking. Stick a VV Cake on Board sign on your back window, we’re sure other road users will understand… it’s cake!

Slide your cake

When you reach your destination, slide your cake out of the box, don’t pick it up. You don’t want any last-minute mishaps.

Final checks!

Do one final check over and get those little repairs done if needed and ta-da!