Types of Nozzle

Types of Nozzle

15th Jul 2022

The different types of nozzle   

Nozzles! You’ve probably looked at someone else’s cakes online and thought how on earth do they get that pattern? Have they spent hours crafting their art or is there a simple trick of the trade? Well, we’re about to crack the code of nozzles so you can achieve stunning shapes yourself!

2D Drop Flower  

This nozzle is great for decorating cupcakes as its great for creating attractive rosettes and swirls. The closed tip gives more of a taller swirl wall compared to an open star. To get a flower effect start swirling from the inside and work your way out to the edge of the cupcake. You can also create little stars or twirl slightly while piping small amounts it will create a dainty flower.

1M Open Star

Again very popular with decorating cupcakes! As the end is more open you get more body in your piping, it is still great to swirl but won’t be as delicate as a “2D Drop Flower’. It’s great for adding detail with small stars and flowers too!

Round Piping Tip  

You can get various sizes of round tips, depending on what you wish to achieve. Using a larger tip is great for adding a blob of buttercream on top of cupcakes before adding a decoration on top, it creates a smoother and more even application than applying with a spoon or spatula. Smaller round tips can be used to add detail to bakes and free handing your own designs.

Petal Piping Tip

This nozzle is great for, you guessed it… piping petals! Rather than piping a swirl in one go like the 2D Drop Flower and the 1M Open Star, this nozzle is to pipe one petal at a time! There are many different styles of petal nozzles depending on what type of petal you are looking to achieve. You can either start from the middle and craft vertical layers of walled petals like a rose or start from the outside and create a more open flower with more horizontal petals. Piping petals requires a lot of patience and practice, but the end product is definitely worth it! Handy Hint: make sure you check whether the petal piping nozzle is left or right-handed, as the design is not symmetrical.

Multi Opening Tip

This is used for piping details such as fur, hair, and grass. Simply pipe strands upwards around 1cm length all over your desired area to create a textured effect. Great for football, gardening, animal, or character themed bakes!

Leaf Piping nozzle  

Finally this nozzle pies perfect little leaf shapes for all your floral themed bakes! The shape of the tip is designed to create a leaf vein/stem effect when you pipe!

We have so many more fancy nozzles to suit whatever your masterpiece you’ve got planned! Whether you’re looking to create a basketweave effect, ruffles, twist effects, or writing a little message (you can also make it extra fancy with calligraphy nozzles) we’ve got you covered!

Piping accessories   

Now you’re all clued up on nozzles, woo-hoo! Your bakes are about to level up! Be sure to look at our handy accessories to make life a little bit easier for you in the kitchen. If you plan on changing the nozzle while decorating you can use a coupler. A coupler is simply an insert you pop into the piping bag instead of a nozzle, then you can screw on different nozzles to suit your designs. We also stock a 3-way coupler, meaning you can attach 3 different colour bags of icing and pipe them at the same time!

We stock cone cleaning brushes to easily clean out your mucky piping tips, piping bag holders for when you need to set your piping bags down without causing a mess and even handy ‘How to decorate desserts’ packs – scroll down to enter the world of nozzles!