Vintage Cakes

Vintage Cakes

15th May 2024

Vintage Cakes

Otherwise known as Lambeth cakes or over-piped cakes originating in the 1930s, they fell out of popularity with the rise of sugar paste, but they are back and taking over the internet. These intricately piped cakes have a lot of depth, multiple piping styles and vary from pastel colours to bright and bold. This romantic style can often be seen decorating heart shaped cakes.

The Comeback Cake

It may seem strange that this style of cake has resurfaced but there could be several reasons at play. Firstly, with the rise of popularity in shows such as Bridgerton and Downton Abbey this style is very much on theme with them. Separately, many people dislike the taste of sugar paste so may be eager for a cake decorated without it. The skill and time taken to make these vintage cakes can’t be replicated and what better way to demonstrate love than these most romantic of bakes?

Give it a Go at Home

Cover your cake in your icing of choice. Mark out your design with a small knife or a round cutter. Get piping! Remember contemporary Lambeth cakes are supposed to be fun so don’t worry if the decorating isn’t perfect.

You will of course need to choose your nozzles based on what kind of frills and pipings you want on your cake. Here’s a quick guide to some of our nozzles –


(large open star) – for large shell-like border or swirls to top the cake.


(leaf) – create ruffles (various size leaf nozzles will create different size ruffles depending on preference)


(smaller open star) – smaller borders and garlands.


(medium petal) – ruffled garlands.

Products we love for this project

PME Mirror Cake Card - Scallop - Gold 10" - Pack of 3

– the ideal resting place for your vintage cake.

Heart Cake Tins

– perfect to make your cake even more romantic.

Handy Tips

Mark out your design in the icing before you start piping.

The most important things are practice and patience.