Wafer paper flowers

Wafer paper flowers

15th Jul 2022

How to make wafer paper flowers

Simple method

This method is great for a beginner looking to get a feel for making flowers out of wafer paper.

One way of making wafer paper flowers is to simply cut your chosen wafer paper into petal shapes, you can use scissors, a paper punch, or a cutting machine. You can use water or glue to attach them together, this will create a lovely flatter flower shape.

Rounded wafer paper flowers

Another method of creating wafer paper flowers is to cut your wafer paper into petal shapes and cut a slit into the bottom. You will be curling the wafer paper around itself to create a bud shape at first. Use edible glue to attach the bottom of the petal to itself. Make the second petal shape but this time attaching the new petal shape to the bud to create your first petal, curve the petal around the bud to create a rounded free top petal shape. Continue with new petals attaching them around the bud shape. Making sure that you are loosening the shape of the petal to create a feathered and realistic feel.

Top tips

You can use powder colours to brush colour onto your wafer paper. Wafer paper is so delicate, when making your flowers keep in mind that water can affect the look of your flowers. Especially when painting your creations, it is worth using a powder colour or drier edible paint.

You need to be creative with it, layer the petals in a creative way to ensure that they look realistic. Remember that flowers are unique and are never perfectly full! We always find it can help to find a similar picture of the flower you are trying to achieve. We have found that websites like Pinterest are great for referencing to what you want your flower to end up looking like.

To create realistic looking marks on the wafer paper, you can use a petal or leaf veiner (depending on your project!) cut your wafer paper to the shape of the veiner. You can then spray the petals with water or vodka, vodka will dry faster as it will take less time for this to evaporate.

When it comes to attaching your beautiful freshly made wafer paper flowers to your cake, you have to remember that buttercream can melt your flowers. We definitely do not want melted flowers after spending the time making these beauties. We would recommend using candy melts that are a similar colour to your flowers to make a barrier between the cake and your delicate creation. You really don’t need a thick layer for this, simply melt your melts and brush the melted mix onto the back of your flowers.

Reccomended products from The Vanilla Valley

Wafer Paper

We have a couple of options when it comes to wafer paper, this is the key part of this project so choose wisely! 

The Cake Star Wafer paper contains 12 sheets in the packet, this should be enough for a couple flowers depending on the size of your petals. Each sheet is 178 x 142m. This is a great option for someone who is just starting out or if you have a smaller project.

We also have two options from saracino for wafer paper. They have two different thicknesses and sheets per packet vary too. 

The Saracino A4 wafer paper which is 0.60mm thick includes 50 sheets. Saracino also offers A4 wafer paper with 0.30mm thickness as a pack of 100 sheets.

Edible glue

At Vanilla Valley we offer an array of different edible glue options so that there is something for everyone. Depending on your project needs and budget, we are sure that you will find an option that suits you. 

Our top seller in edible glue currently is the Fractal Colours edible glue 50g. This glue is odourless, tasteless and colourless so it won't affect the enjoyment of the cake in any way. This option also comes in a 22g pot for smaller projects. 

Another favourite at VV is the Rainbow Dust edible glue, this option comes in a 25g and 50g pot.


You definitley need a brush to start a wafer paper flower project, this will come in very handy, from applying glue to hold the petals together, to colouring petals and finally adding those thin coats of candly melt backs to your flowers. 

Some of the most popular of our brushes are the sable paint brushes, we have a range of sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your project! 

If you are looking for a set, worry no more we have a great craft brush set too! This includes an array of sizes for any project.