What size cake box do I need?

What size cake box do I need?

15th Jun 2022

Choosing the right size cake box

Have you always been a hobby baker and plan to box up your first cake to transport? Here is a quick guide to choosing the right size box for your cake.

So, to begin your box should be sized to the base board of your cake. You want the board to fit perfectly in the box to prevent the board from slipping and sliding while in transit. Your board should be one to two inches wider than your cake. This gap prevents any smudges and dents from the sides of the box. If you plan to use larger decorations on your cake, we definitely recommend buying a larger board again, so decorations are not crushed in transit. Read our ‘Tips on Transporting Your Cake’ page for more handy hints on taking your cake for a ride!

Our standard square boxes measure from 6” to 20”, though if you are making a slightly larger, heavier cake, we do recommend using a heavy-duty box. These are made with strong corrugated cardboard which can support heavier cakes. The heavy-duty boxes also have a drop-down flap making it easier to take the cake in and out of the box.

We recommend leaving over an inch from the top of your cake to the box to prevent any squashing should you have to touch the top of the box. If you are making a cake taller than the standard box size, we suggest using cake box height extenders. These are pillars that are inserted to the corners of your box which lift the lid up higher. You can then use cling film to shrink wrap around your box to ensure that the cake is not touched, and the pillars are secure. But be careful not to shrink wrap too tight and squish your masterpiece! We also stock height extenders which act as a wall rather than pillars, these also offer more support.

Transporting your cake

If you plan on transporting a cake to an event yourself and want a stylish, reusable cake box look no further than the Chocopatiss range! These are made from plastic complete with a handy handle and can be used again and again. They can hold up to 4kg in weight so be careful not to overload them - all those hours of hard work could end in a disaster! Chocopatiss boxes also come with a storage case, so you can pack away your box while its not in use!

We hope we’ve made choosing your box a little bit easier! It’s definitely always better to give your cake more space than too little space, so if you’re ever in doubt - size up! Remember you can always add decorations when you get to your destination, so if your short on space decorate when you get there!