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Caking It Up - Border stencil - Trinity

Caking It Up

RRP £16.99
Now £15.50
  • Beautiful detailed stencil
  • Stencil measures 24.5cm x 13cm
  • Gives you an easy border design
  • Use with Royal icing for a textured look
  • Use an Airbrush / Paint to apply the pattern

Designed by the owner Karen Reeves these stencils create amazing patterns quickly and efficiently. The border size of the stencil allows you to create stunning borders easily. These versatile stencils can also be used vertically for truely unique designs.


Spread royal icing with a palette knife across the stencil to apply the design to the cake. Remove excess icing with a scraper and slowly peel stencil away from the cake. For best results, the consistency of the royal icing should be thin enough so it drips slowly from the spoon. To achieve this, add water to thin the icing.


Wash and dry the stencil between applications and after use. For repeat patterns, allow icing to dry before next application.