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Dinkydoodle Metallic Confectioner's Drip 100g - Champagne


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  • 100g metallic cake drip in champagne gold
  • Simple and effective to create a drip cake
  • Microwave safe bottle with screw top lid
  • Can be re-heated multiple times up to BBE date
  • Simply heat, shake and decorate
  • contains E171

Add a metallic drip to your cake quickly and easily with the confectioner's drip from Dinkydoodle. This easy-to-use bottle allows you to heat, shake, and pour for a quick drip effect on your cake. The bottle features a narrow nozzle which is perfect for pouring and choosing drip positions with the accuracy you need. 

The bottle is mircowave safe, however you can also warm this drip through in a container of hot water. This drip can be reheated numerous times and features a cap on the nozzle.

How to use: *Full instructions on bottle*  In a 450 watt mircowave, or set to low referring to your instruction manual, heat the bottle with the lid off, for 30 seconds. Replace the lid and mix by squeezing or shaking the bottle. Repeat this process in 10-30 second increments until heat is evenly distributed and fully melted.

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, E555, E171, E172, E153, Lecithine (emulgator), Natural aroma, E133 Halal.