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Flower Wire - Green


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  • Professional quality Green florist wire from Hamilworth
  • Sizes from 16 gauge to 32 gauge
  • All wires are 36 cm long
  • Used to create stems of sugarflowers and cake decorations
  • Easy to use and cut if necessary

Florist wires are most commonly used in the cake decorating industry to create the stems of sugarflowers but can also be used to create and mount cake decorations.


The wires come in a variety of gauges (thickness) from thick 16 gauge up to much finer 32 gauge for more intricate work and are all are 36cm long. Making sugar flowers is amazing fun and can be picked up easily by beginners and we have included a little video below to give you some of the basics.


There is a huge range of products that we supply that can help you with making sugar flowers and using florist wire. However once you combine your wire with some flower paste, a small selection of tools and a lot of patience, you will be on the road to making beautiful flowers over and over again.


The term gauge relates to the wires thicknesses:

16 SWG = 1.63mm

18 SWG = 1.22mm

20 SWG = 0.91mm

22 SWG = 0.71mm

24 SWG = 0.56mm

26 SWG = 0.46mm

28 SWG = 0.38mm

30 SWG = 0.32mm

32 SWG = 0.27mm

34 SWG = 0.23mm