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Green - Culpitt Select Baking Cases - 50 Pack


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  • 50 standard size baking cases
  • Dimensions - 50mm Base, 40mm High

If you're all about infusing your baking creations with a personal touch, prepare to be enchanted by the distinctive allure of the Culpitt Select baking cases we've got lined up for you! Whether you're diving into a relaxed baking day or gearing up for a fantastic celebration, these baking cases are here to be your steadfast base, ensuring a solid foundation for your culinary masterpiece.
Crafted meticulously from premium greaseproof paper, these captivating green cases, measuring 50mm in diameter, uphold their form and colour impeccably throughout the baking process. No need to worry about flimsy or faded cupcake cases—these gems have got you covered! And the icing on the cake? Each set includes a generous 50-count, providing you with ample room to whip up a delightful variety of treats. Ready to let your baking creativity shine? Let's get started and whip up some kitchen magic!

Baking case diameter 50mm. Height 40mm