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Icing Bag Adaptors - Pack of 3


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  • Suitable for most standard tubes
  • Ideal for use with parchment, fabric and disposable piping bags
  • Swap piping tubes with when using an icing bag
  • Made from strong, hard wearing plastic

The Icing Bag Adaptors, available in a convenient pack of 3, are essential tools for cake decorators looking to streamline their piping process.


Ideal for use when working with various colored buttercreams or royal icing using different-shaped tips, these adaptors allow decorators to easily swap nozzles without changing the entire piping bag.


The adaptors are designed to accommodate most standard tubes, including writing tubes, flower and leaf tips, as well as standard size open star and drop flower piping tubes.


This versatility ensures that decorators can achieve a wide range of decorative patterns and designs with ease.


Whether using parchment paper, disposable, or reusable fabric piping bags, these adaptors provide a practical solution for those who frequently switch between different icing colours and tip shapes.


The design allows for a quick twist-off and swap of the nozzle, facilitating a smooth and efficient decorating process.


In summary, the Icing Bag Adaptors in a pack of 3 offer decorators a convenient and versatile solution for changing nozzles during piping work, making them an invaluable addition to the toolkit of both professional and home bakers.