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Non-Stick Rolling Pin - 9 Inch


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  • Size: 9" Long
  • High Molecular Weight Polyethylene- This rolling pin has been designed to be extremely durable- Non Stick, hygienic, and easy to use- See our range of PME tools here [/cake_making_tools.html]- See our range of Renshaw icing here [/all-...

The PME Non-Stick Rolling Pin - 9 Inch is an essential tool for bakers and pastry enthusiasts. With its versatile design, this rolling pin serves various purposes:


Dough Rolling: Perfect for rolling out dough for pies, cookies, pastries, and more. The non-stick surface ensures a smooth and mess-free process.


Consistent Thickness: Achieve uniform dough thickness for even baking, ensuring your creations turn out perfectly each time.


Fondant and Gum Paste: Ideal for rolling out fondant and gum paste, creating a smooth canvas for cake decoration.


Versatile Applications: Whether you're crafting delicious baked goods or elaborate cake designs, this 9-inch rolling pin provides precision and control.


In summary, the PME Non-Stick Rolling Pin - 9 Inch is a valuable tool that streamlines your baking and pastry work, making it a must-have for both professional and home bakers.