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PME Cupcake Wrapper - Silver Stars


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  • Each pack contains 12 wrappers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made to fit around standard cup cake cases
  • Beautiful for adding a luxury feel to your cupcakes
  • *Outer packaging style my vary*

The PME Cupcake Wrapper in Silver Stars is a dazzling and celebratory accessory designed to elevate the visual allure of your cupcakes. These cupcake wrappers offer specific advantages:


Starlit Design: Featuring a striking silver stars pattern, these wrappers add a touch of glamour and celebratory flair to your cupcakes, making them perfect for birthdays, festive occasions, or any event where a touch of sparkle is desired.


Versatile Use: Ideal for various celebrations, these cupcake wrappers provide a versatile and festive design that complements a range of themes, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your baked creations.


Effortless Application: Designed for easy assembly, these wrappers seamlessly wrap around your cupcakes, instantly enhancing their appearance without the need for intricate decorating.


PME Cupcake Wrapper in Silver Stars is a fantastic choice for creating visually appealing and festive cupcakes. Whether you're celebrating a special event or adding a touch of glamour to your baked treats, these wrappers provide a sparkling finishing touch.